Exercise: You Need Discipline.

For many adults, exercise and discipline go hand-in-hand. Long-gone are the days of childhood where on could get exercise by simply playing outside with friends, as most adults have busy work and family schedules. Steve Maxwell had the following to say on his blog which I felt was very poignant:

“People have lost sight of the true purpose of exercise. It’s not about the reps or weights; it’s about producing a deep level of fatigue without damaging the structure so the body is compelled to adapt and increase its strength. It’s about discipline.

If this quote can be summed up in a single phrase, it would be, “adaptation through discipline.”

Admittedly, this is something I still need to work on. So if you’re like me, and spend too much time using society’s modern comforts instead of being active, then I suggest we start being more disciplined to work out so our bodies can adapt and become stronger.



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About robbiejharris

I'm Rob - I'm a 22 year-old college senior who is starting a blog in order to form more people about living a more healthy and active lifestyle.

2 responses to “Exercise: You Need Discipline.”

  1. oorlova12 says :

    Self-motivation and discipline are key components that will help everybody to stay on track whatever we do, but it is so hard to achieve…..

    • robbiejharris says :

      Yeah, I agree. It’s mostly mental, I feel. Self-discipline is something that I think a lot of people can work on. I did a little bit a research on motivation and that sort of stuff, and it’s interesting to read about.

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